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Profile : Guide Rings

Spareage : GE
GE Assembly
Phenolic Resin Fabric.
Temp. range: -30°C to +120°C.
Composite Strength Yield: 90° N/mm2 (80°C).
Speed: 2 m/s. (+20°C) 0.5 m/s. (+80°C).
Max Spare GE style piston guide ring is a heavy duty bearing ring mostly used in heavy load conditions. It can be use as a single or multiple rings arranged adjacent to each other. The number of bearing rings depend on the expected side load.
Manufactured by: Spareage Seals Limited
Product ID: 37i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.IDODTHKMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
GE032K10132.0040.0012NYLON GE-115
GE032700132.0040.0012BFT GE-130
GE042K10142.0050.0012NYLON GE-122
GE045810145.0051.0019PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-112
GE075700175.1080.3514BFT GE-113
GE092810292.00100.0014PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-109
GE092K20192.00100.0014NYLON GE-132
GE1128101112.00120.0014PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-131
GE115K201115.00125.0017.50NYLON GE-101
GE1158101115.00125.0017.50PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-121
GE1308101130.00140.0017.50PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-125
GE1308102130.00140.2017.50PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-117
GE130K201130.00140.2017.50NYLON GE-119
GE1308102130.00140.5017.30PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-139
GE140K203140.00150.0017.50NYLON GE-104
GE150K201150.00160.0017.20NYLON GE-138
GE1508201150.00160.0017.40NYLON GE-124
GE150K202150.00160.0018NYLON GE-105
GE1508204150.00162.0018NYLON GE-111
GE1707002170.00180.0020BFT GE-126
GE170K202170.00180.0020NYLON GE-133
GE170K201170.00180.0024NYLON GE-127
GE1908103190.00200.0020PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-106
GE1908101190.00200.0020PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-118
GE1908201190.00200.0020NYLON GE-120
GE1918101191.00200.0020PHENOLIC FABRIC GE-116
GE210K201210.00220.1025NYLON GE-136
GE210K202210.00220.5025NYLON GE-137
GE230K201230.00240.0038NYLON GE-110
GE2407701240.00250.0033GLT GE-107
GE240K201240.00250.0033NYLON GE-128
GE260K202260.00270.0033.20NYLON GE-114
GE265K201265.00275.0033NYLON GE-129
GE308K201308.00320.0013.25/35NYLON GE-102
GE3088202308.00320.0013.25/35NYLON GE-108
GE368K201368.00380.0035NYLON GE-135
GE388K201388.00400.0026NYLON GE-123
GE4087801408.00420.0035ACETAL GE-103
GE438K201438.00450.0035.80NYLON GE-134

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