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Max Express Division handles urgent requirement of seal. State-of-the-art facility. well trained workforce and special manufacturing process enables Max Express to deliver seals faster than anybody else.
With its machined seals range in polyurethane and NBR can deliver seals upto 200 mm within an hour.
  • seals in Non-standard sizes
  • Delivery within 4 Hrs.
  • Instant online booking on portal.

Asia's Largest Warehouse

This is Asia's largest Warehousing of Seals, O-Ring, Belts etc., with air-conditioning. Controlled temperature, Non-Dusty Environment.

Lacs of pieces and thousands of jobs sent everyday. Connected with Online shopping.

100,000 moulds of standard and non standard seal designs and 250 rubber and thermoplastic compounds are readily available for production.

  • 50,000 standard products.
  • Overnight Deliveries.
  • Online Shopping

Materials offered in Max Express Range:

Express Seals Temp. Range
Acrylonitrile Butadience Rubber (NBR) -30°C to +100°C
Polyurethane -30°C to +100°C
PTFE (Bronze) PTFE (Carbon) -200°C to + 260°C
Phenolic Resin Bonded Fabric -20°C to 120°C
Polyacetal (POM) -40°C to 140°C
Glass Filled Polyamide (Nylon) -20°C to 220°C

Delivery Schedule:

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals
Size Range Days
15 mm to 200 mm 1 Hour
201 mm to 500 mm 3 Hour
501 mm to 800 mm 12 Hour
Above 800 mm 24 Hour
Rotary Shaft Seals
Size Range Days
15 mm to 300 mm Overnight(24 Hrs.)