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Wind Power

Maxspare with its wide range of seal profile and elastomers is fully capable of serving to Wind Power Industries.

Wind Power


Maxspare has an expertise and experience in developing seals for demanding applications for wind power industries. Special formulated elastomer is developed for the seals use in various application in wind turbines, thus makes seals operates in most challenging working conditions.
With Wide range of seal profile and ability to make any size with special grade elastomer, Maxspare Ltd is confidence to serve max challenging requirements of wind power industries.

Various Applications in Wind Power

Application Equipment Products
Generator   Gear Box
RME type V-Ring 
Rotor Blade Pitch Cylinder   
Pulse Encoder     Rotary Seal

Other Applications are….

  • Main brake
  • Accumulator
  • Lock Cylinder

Our Esteemed Clients

SUZLON                  WIND WORLD  

Note: The Information given on this page are based on our many years of experience in this field. But still some of the information may vary according to the process applications. Thus maxspare is geared up to cater sealing requirement for new applications.