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Spareage : Preformed Customised Felt Shapes
Preformed Customised Felt Shapes Assembly
Max Spare offers Felt Sheets used in different industrial application such as packing, padding, cushioning, wiping, wicking, lubricating, sealing etc. These sheets are available in various sizes and thickness. Also can be supplied in Ring form or Customised preformed shape and strips.
Manufactured by: Spareage Seals Limited
Product ID: 501i

Part No.IDODHeightQtyActions
Ring Form50.0070.0010
Ring Form55.0075.0010
Ring Form60.0080.0010
Ring Form65.0085.0010
Ring Form70.0090.0010
Ring Form75.00105.0015
Ring Form80.00110.0015
Ring Form85.00115.0015
Ring Form90.00120.0015
Ring Form100.00140.0020
Ring Form105.00145.0020
Ring Form110.00150.0020
Ring Form115.00155.0020
Ring Form120.00160.0020
Ring Form125.00165.0020
Ring Form130.00170.0020
Ring Form135.00175.0020
Ring Form140.00180.0020
Ring Form145.00185.0020
Ring Form150.00200.0025
Ring Form160.00210.0025
Ring Form170.00220.0025
Ring Form180.00230.0025
Ring Form190.00240.0025
Ring Form200.00250.0025

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