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Oil & Gas Industry

Max Spare with its wide range of seal profile and elastomers is fully capable of serving the Oil & Gas Industry.

Sealing Technology in the field of Oil and Gas Industry

Max Spare Limited (formerly Spareage) is India's No.1 seal manufacturer providing customized sealing solutions to clients across industries. Having more than five decades experience and expertise in serving the Industrial clients, MaxSpare with its wide range of seal profile and elastomers is fully capable of serving the Oil & Gas Industry.

A global presence enables MaxSpare to deliver our sealing technology to places where it matters the most. From Asia to North America and Europe, we are just a phone call away from delivering the best quality sealing solutions.

As one of the pioneers in the industrial seal segment, we have perfected the art of producing high quality seals, taking it to grater heights. so, whether you are an OEM or into repairing oilfield equipment, you can place your trust in MaxSpare to provide top quality seals and components quickly at an economical cost.

No other industry poses a greater challenge to sealing technology the way the oil and gas industry does. Only by providing specialised high quality products, can this broad range of requirements be satisfied.

  • Controlling a wide range of more or less aggressive fluids and gases can be a difficult task. This is why sealing materials have to be compatible with drilling and completion fluids, acid, corroslon Inhibitors and sour gas, etc.

  • Every selected seal has to meet high-pressure requirements of being able to hold zero to over 25.000 p.s.i. working pressure and the lifetime requirement of the seal is in terms of years.

  • Seals have to be resistant to a broad range of temperatures.Ideally, seals should be designed for temperatures between -40C and +200C, and can be easily extended for special applications.

  • Conforming to all seal standards is not only mandatory due to economic reasons, but also because seal failure can cause tremendous harm to the environment and human life.

As a supplier of high quality and reliable products to the industry, MaxSpare understand these issues, enabling us to provide our wealth of feild experience and fundamental knowledge in sealing technology to support our customers' operations and to reduce NPT(Non Productive Time) and extend the life of your equipment.

MaxSpare has the ability to provide industry standard sealing solutions to customers, in various materials, different sizes and quantities at a faster than ever pace.

The MaxSpare team of engineers have the capability and experience to create custom-made products. Even the most complex problems can be solved by using the latest in house material technology and processes.

Note: The Information given on this page are based on our many years of experience in this field. But still some of the information may vary according to the process applications. Thus maxspare is geared up to cater sealing requirement for new applications.