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Profile : Guide Rings

Spareage : GS
GS Assembly
Details :
The GS wear ring is supplied usually in split form.(The split is oblique for Reciprocating / Oscillating application & straight for rotary). If required running lengths are also readily available. The GS wear ring is the most widely used general purpose wear ring. The material used is PTFE with a Bronze content of 40%. For further improvement in performance, a Bronze content of 60% can be made available on request.
The GS wear ring can be cut to length to suit your specific requirements. Length not only has to be calculated depending on the Rod/Cylinder bore diameter, but also considering thermal expansion in the GS wear ring in operation.
The centre line diameter multiplied by p (3.14) gives us the circumference length of wear ring. But allowance for thermal expansion is to be provided. Therefore we reduce thep i.e 3.14 to 3.13 & to a minimum gap of 1.5 mm for small diameters.
  • General purpose.
  • Stick slip free operation.
  • Dirt ring to protect piston / rod seal.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Improved resistance to high speed cylinders.
  • Low co-efficent of friction.
  • Very economical.
  • Light to medium duty hydraulic cylinders.
  • Suitable for pneumatic cylinders.
  • High speed.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Dry operation.
Mineral oils, bio oils, water soluble & water glycol fluids.

Manufactured by: Max Spare Limited
Product ID: 521i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.IDODTHKMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
GS0017009 (Stock Item) 0.001.504BFT GS-115
GS0017011 (Stock Item) 0.001.505.60BFT GS-116
GS0027031 (Stock Item) 0.002.0010BFT GS-118
GS0027025 (Stock Item) 0.002.0015BFT GS-119
GS0027036 (Stock Item) 0.002.0020BFT GS-120
GS0027H180.002.005BFT GA-2543
GS0087001 (Stock Item) 0.002.008BFT GS-117
GS00270H130.002.305.50BFT GA-2490
GS00270H120.002.305.80BFT GA-2491
GS0027007 (Stock Item) 0.002.5010BFT GS-125
GS0027013 (Stock Item) 0.002.5012BFT GS-126
GS002N602 (Stock Item) 0.002.5015PRW GS-103
GS0027003 (Stock Item) 0.002.5015BFT GS-127
GS00281050.002.5015PRW - Polyester Resin Fabric GS-136
GS002N605 (Stock Item) 0.002.5020PRW GS-104
GS002N603 (Stock Item) 0.002.5025PRW GS-105
GS002N604 (Stock Item) 0.002.505.6PRW GS-101
GS00281030.002.505.6PRW - Polyester Resin Fabric GS-135
GS0027001 (Stock Item) 0.002.505.60BFT GS-121
GS0027006 (Stock Item) 0.002.506BFT GS-122
GS0027017 (Stock Item) 0.002.508BFT GS-123
GS002N601 (Stock Item) 0.002.509.7PRW GS-102
GS0027002 (Stock Item) 0.002.509.70BFT GS-124
GS0037010 (Stock Item) 0.003.0020BFT GS-130
GS003N608 (Stock Item) 0.003.1712.7PRW GS-107
GS0037020 (Stock Item) 0.003.1712.70BFT GS-132
GS0037002 (Stock Item) 0.003.1715.80BFT GS-133
GS003N607 (Stock Item) 0.003.1715.87PRW GS-108
GS003N606 (Stock Item) 0.003.1719.05PRW GS-109
GS003N605 (Stock Item) 0.003.1725.4PRW GS-110
GS0037011 (Stock Item) 0.003.1725.40BFT GS-134
GS0037001 (Stock Item) GS-131
GS003N609 (Stock Item) GS-106
GS00270H110.004.0013BFT GA-2463
GS004N601 (Stock Item) 0.004.0020PRW GS-111
GS004N602 (Stock Item) 0.004.0025PRW GS-112
GS004N603 (Stock Item) 0.004.0030PRW GS-113
GS004N604 (Stock Item) 0.004.0040PRW GS-114
GS00470440.004.0050BFT GA-2539
GS00873020.008.001.50CAT GA-2521
GS0027027 (Stock Item) 0.0020.002.50BFT GS-128
GS0027005 (Stock Item) 0.0025.002.50BFT GS-129
GS00170531.25325.001.80BFT GA-2322
GS12670011.55126.003.90BFT GA-2437
GS00270H172.002000.0050BFT GA-2522
GS00370623.00300.0014.70BFT GA-2542
GS002712029.70200.002.50BFT GA-2541

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