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Profile : Piston Seals

Spareage : P76
P76 Assembly
ENERGIZER -NBR with hardness of 75°/80° shore ‘A’
BACKUP RINGS - Thermoplastic Polymer
SEAL RING - Composite PTFE
GUIDE RING - Phenolic Resin Fabric
Temp. range: -30°C to +100°C
(upto 200°C on request)
Pressure: 400 Bar.
Speed (max.): 1.0 mtrs./sec.
The Max Spare style PCI is a robust heavy duty double acting piston seal. PCI style seal comprising of a elastomeric energiser ring, Bronze Filled PTFE sealing ring.
Two support rings made of Thermoplastic polymers and two guide rings. The elastomeric ring energises the sealing ring to force it against cylinder bore, providing a sealing function at low pressure. The two support rings prevent extrusion a sealing ring in high pressure. Two guide ring make contact with cylinder bore thus guide the piston in heavy load condition.
  • High pressure capability upto 700 bar.
  • Wide Guiding, to take maximum load.
  • Easy to assembled.
  • Construction machine cylinders.
  • Stick slip free operation.
  • Big diameters & long stroke cylinders.
Mineral oils, bio oils, water soluble & water glycol fluids.
Manufactured by: Spareage Seals Limited
Product ID: 6i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.d1D1c/bMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
P76034090334.0050.0020.5/32NBR CS-1460
P76034650134.0050.0020.50/39FKM CS-2568
P760470902 (Stock Item) 47.0063.0020.5/39NBR CS-1106
P76047650147.0063.0020.5/39FKM CS-2570
P76054090154.0070.0020.50/39NBR CS-604
P760600801A60.7074.207.9NBR SUC-862
P76062090262.0080.0022.5/36NBR CS-1068
P760620901 (Stock Item) 62.0080.0022.5/43NBR CS-1025
P76062090362.0080.0022.5/43NBR CS-1121
P76062650362.0080.0022.5/43FKM CS-1142
P76067090167.0085.0022.5/43NBR CS-1026
P76072090272.0090.0022.5/36NBR CS-1463
P76072080172.0090.0022.5/43NBR CS-3194
P76080780.7094.207.9NBR SUD-646
P760820901 (Stock Item) 82.00100.0022.5/43NBR CS-1109
P76082100382.00100.0022.5/43NBR CS-545
P76082650182.00100.0022.50/43FKM CS-1569
P76092100192.00110.0022.50/43.00NBR CS-692
P76097090197.00115.0022.5/43NBR CS-887
P761020901102.00120.0022.5NBR CS-1027
P761036601103.00125.0026.50/53FKM CS-363
P761030901 (Stock Item) 103.00125.0026.50/53NBR CS-909
P761080901 (Stock Item) 108.00130.0026.5/53NBR CS-1028
P761180902 (Stock Item) 118.00140.0026.5/53NBR CS-1108
P761186601118.00140.0026.5/53FKM CS-819
P761280901128.00150.0026.5/53NBR CS-1461
P76136-SUG-308136.00154.0010NBR SUG-308
P761380901 (Stock Item) 138.00160.0026.5/53NBR CS-1103
P761386501138.00160.0026.5/53FKM CS-1104
P761430901143.00165.0026.5/57NBR CS-958
P761436601143.10165.1022.50/58FKM CS-691
P761480901148.00170.0026.5/57NBR CS-888
P761580903158.00180.0026.5/48NBR CS-1483
P761580901 (Stock Item) 158.00180.0026.5/57NBR CS-827
P761580902158.00180.0026.5/57NBR CS-834
P761750901 (Stock Item) 175.00200.0031.5/64NBR CS-1107
P761756501175.00200.0031.5/64FKM CS-747
P761750903175.00200.0031.50/48NBR CS-3133
P761750902175.00200.0031.50/64NBR CS-912
P761756601175.00200.0031/62.80FKM CS-694
P761950902 (Stock Item) 195.00220.0031.5/71NBR CS-1105
P761956501195.00220.0031.5/71FKM CS-791
P761950802195.00220.0031.50/58NBR/FABRIC CS-685
P762000901200.00225.0031.50/71NBR CS-910
P762250901 (Stock Item) 225.00250.0031.5/85NBR CS-940
P762256401225.00250.0085FKM CS-479
P762317001231.00256.0031.50/85BFT CS-714
P762550902255.00280.0031.5/85NBR CS-967
P760273-SUM-344273.00293.0010NBR SUM-344
P760288-SUM-345288.00313.8010.2NBR SUM-345
P763200901320.00350.0036.5/80NBR CS-1985
P763306502330.00360.0036.50/80FKM CS-2848
P763306501330.00360.0080FKM CS-899
P763700901370.00400.0036.50/80NBR CS-2877
P763900801390.00420.0036.50/80NBR/BFT CS-1653
P764206501420.00450.0036.50/80FKM CS-2930
P764200801420.00450.0036.50/80NBR CS-536
P76680.00710.0080/36.50NBR CS-251
P767701001770.00800.0048.9/27NBR CS-383
P767830801778.00802.0012NBR SUVG-284

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