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Profile : Rod Seals

Spareage : S23
S23 Assembly
Details :
S23 is a symmetrical single acting rod seal for standardised grooves. Standard material for S21 is Polyurethane but we can also supply in NBR material (on request). Due to excellent wear resistance properties of polyurethane, the life expected is 3 times that of NBR.
Polyurethane 92 Shore A
Temperature Range : -30° C to + 100° C
Pressure : 400 Bar
Speed : 1.0 m/s
Static : 2.0 µmRa
Dynamic : 0.3 µmRa
Mineral oils, bio oils, water soluble & water glycol fluids
  • Earth moving equipment, industrial vehicles, agricultural
  • machinery, cranes, injection moulding machines, telescopic
  • cylinders, steering cylinders, loading platforms.
  • Good static and dynamic tightness.
  • Compact compression, high surface roughness in the groove base is permitted.
  • Designed for radially restricted housings.

Manufactured by: Max Spare Limited
Product ID: 333i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.IDODTHKMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
S23003CG013.179.523.17PU PUA-833
S23003CG023.179.526.35PU PUA-832
S23015O50115.8725.404.75HYT-HYTREL PUB-125
S23019100119.0030.008NBR SUB-3594
S23020L50220.0025.003PU PUA-665
S23028L50324.0030.004.50PU PUB-135
S23028660128.0036.005.00FKM SUB-4536
S23028L50428.0036.008.00PU PUB-172
S23028L50228.0038.008PU PUB-1706
S23030L50330.0043.0010.00PU PUB-292
S23032L50132.0040.006PU PUB-1049
S23035L50135.0043.006PU PUB-1751
S23036L50236.0044.005.7PU PUB-1050
S23036870136.0046.009.80PU PUB-1893
S23038L50138.0045.006.50PU PUB-1657
S23042L50142.0050.005.90PU PUB-1612
S23042L50142.0050.005.90PU PUB-939
S23042L50242.0050.006.00PU PUB-1978
S23045L50245.0053.007PU PUC-871
S23045870145.0053.008PU PUC-606
S23045670145.0055.007.30FKM SUC-2235
S23050L50550.0058.008PU PUC-1093
S23050670150.0060.006.00FKM SUC-2610
S23055L50355.0065.0010PU PUC-1121
S23056L50156.0066.006.50PU PUC-1209
S23060L50760.0068.008PU PUC-1236
S23060L50460.0068.008PU PUC-166
S23060L50660.0070.0010PU PUC-1120
S23063660163.0075.0010FKM SUC-2391
S23063110163.5082.5515.49NBR SUD-2243
S23065L50165.0073.008PU PUC-879
S23066CF0166.6776.209.52PU PUD-213
S23068L50168.0076.006PU PUD-413
S23075L50275.0090.0010.60PU PUD-1037
S23075660175.0090.0010.60FKM SUD-2465
S23076110176.2095.2515.49NBR SUD-2244
S23080090180.0090.006.20NBR SUD-2052
S23085L50385.0097.008.50PU PUD-892
S23085L50185.0097.009PU PUD-389
S23086L50186.0094.006.00PU PUD-1044
S23088L50288.0096.005.30PU PUD-1087
S23088L50188.0096.006PU PUD-596
S23088110188.90107.9515.49NBR SUE-1505
S23090670190.00105.0010FKM SUE-1167
S23090870190.00105.0012PU PUE-545
S23100L502100.00108.008PU PUE-655
S231011101101.60120.6515.49NBR SUE-1504
S23105L501105.00113.006.30PU PUE-255
S23110L502110.00125.0012PU PUE-533
S231101101110.00130.0014.60NBR SUF-102
S231141101114.30133.3515.49NBR SUF-1069
S23120L502120.00128.006.50PU PUF-184
S231271101127.00146.0515.49NBR SUF-1068
S231391101139.70158.7515.49NBR SUG-930
S23330L501330.20355.6016.58PU PUM-117

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