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Profile : Rod Seals

Spareage : S28
S28 Assembly
Details :
S28 is a high-pressure rod seal. It comprises of U seal energized with O Ring and Back up ring. The u seal with O ring energiser to ensure complete lip actuation under all pressure conditions. The S28 is also available without back up ring.
U Seal : Polyurethane 92 shore A
O Ring : NBR 70/75 Shore A
Back Up Ring : POM / Nylon
Temperature Range : -30° C to + 100° C
Pressure : 700 Bar
Speed : 1.0 m/s
Static : 1.6 µmRa
Dynamic : 0.4 µmRa
Hydraulic mineral oils, bio oils, water soluble and water glycol fluids.
  • Standard Industrial Cylinders.
  • Agricultural Machines.
  • Industrial Trucks.
  • Medium-heavy duty cylinders.
  • Symmetrical design for optimal sealing performance.
  • High Pressure and shock loading capacity.
  • Highly extrusion resistant in large gap conditions.
  • Easy to install.

Manufactured by: Max Spare Limited
Product ID: 347i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.IDODTHKMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
S28022L50122.4030.405PU PUB-1433
S28025L50125.0037.007PU PUB-1509
S28040650140.0050.006FKM SUB-3329
S28040L50440.0050.007.30PU PUB-536
S28054340154.0069.0010.30EPDM SUC-2238
S28056670156.0070.0012FKM SUC-1936
S28056670156.0071.0012.50NBR SUC-2096
S28060670160.0070.005FKM SUC-2025
S28060R30160.0075.0011.50PU PUC-857
S28073S40173.0282.559.52PEEK PUD-855
S28073S40173.0282.559.52HNBR SUD-1685
S28075340175.0090.0010.30EPDM SUD-1724
S28080670180.0095.0010.40FKM SUD-2330
S28090670190.00105.009FKM SUE-825
S28095L50195.25104.779.52NBR PUE-542
S28095110195.25104.779.52NBR SUE-1144
S28096590196.00104.0011.10PU PUE-598
S28100L502100.00110.0012PU PUE-700
S28100L501100.00115.0016.50PU CS-1635
S28130L501130.00150.0014.50PU PUF-448
S28160CG01160.00180.0015.00PU PUH-349
S283006701300.00330.0020FKM SUM-765
S284806001480.00500.0015CPU+NT4/B+CNY CPU-141
S28512D601512.74525.449.65HNBR SUVG-790

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