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Profile : Rod Seals

Spareage : S32
S32 Assembly
Details :
S32 is a robust single acting rod seal designed to meet high pressure subject to severe load and vibration conditions. It compraises of a main sealing ring manufactured in high compression set resistant nitrile rubber, a u ring made of fabric reinforced nitrile rubber and an back-up ring made of POM / Nylon material. This seal has a pressure rating up to 700 Bar.
Sealing Ring : Nitrile Rubber 75/80 Shore A
Support Ring : Nitrile Rubber / fabric 75/80 Shore A
Back-up Ring : POM / Nylon
Temperature Range : -20° C to + 100° C
Pressure : 700 Bar
Speed : 0.5 m/s
Static : 0.8 µmRa
Dynamic : 0.3 µmRa
Hydraulic fluids, mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, water and water glycol emulsions.
  • Standard Industrial Cylinders.
  • Agricultural Machines.
  • Industrial Trucks.
  • Medium-heavy construction equipment.
  • Earthmoving machines.
  • High static and dynamic sealing application.
  • Effective sealing during vibration and shock loading.
  • Well proven design.
  • Extrusion resistance at high pressure.

Manufactured by: Max Spare Limited
Product ID: 363i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.IDODTHKMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
S32020100120.0033.0020NBR/FABRIC     CS-554
S32030100130.0043.0020NBR/FABRIC     CS-2108
S32030100130.0043.0020NBR/FABRIC     CS-686
S32036100136.0051.0022.5NBR/FABRIC     CS-556
S32038100138.1053.9724.00NBR/FABRIC     CS-3609
S32040100640.0052.0022.50NBR/FABRIC     CS-840
S32040100740.0055.0022NBR/FABRIC     SUC-1823
S32045100145.0060.0022.5NBR/FABRIC     CS-706
S32050101250.0063.0020.00NBR     CS-3364
S32050101150.0065.0024.50NBR/FABRIC     CS-558
S32050100950.0065.0026.5NBR/FABRIC     CS-1013
S320601002A60.0075.0022.5NBR     SUC-871
S32063100163.0083.0027NBR+ACT-1     CS-2661
S32063100363.5076.2020.50NBR/FABRIC+ACT     CS-3606
S32063100263.5082.5531.25NBR+ACT-1     CS-3444
S32070830170.0083.0025NBR/FABRIC     CS-2033
S32070100470.0085.0022.50NBR/FABRIC     CS-687
S32085100385.00100.0022.5NBR/FABRIC     CS-1017
S32085100185.00105.0030NBR/FABRIC     CS-707
S32090100490.00105.0022.70NBR/FABRIC+NY     CS-541
S320901002290.00105.0033.53NBR/FABRIC     CS-574
S32090100190.00110.0030NBR/FABRIC     CS-563
S321001004100.00120.0030NBR     CS-2215
S321101003110.00130.0032.5NBR/FABRIC     CS-1018
S321201005120.00135.0028NBR     CS-2651
S321401001140.00160.0028NBR/FABRIC     CS-1154
S321401003140.00160.0030NBR+ACT-1     CS-2548
S321501001150.00170.0028NBR/FABRIC     CS-565
S321551001155.00175.0028NBR/FABRIC     CS-566
S321601005160.00180.0028NBR+ACT-1     CS-2662
S321601002160.00180.0028NBR/FABRIC     CS-331
S321651003165.00185.0030NBR     CS-2216
S32180E301180.00205.0032NBR/FABRIC     CS-1552
S321801001180.00205.0035NBR+ACT-1     CS-2660
S321906001190.00215.0033NBR/FABRIC     CS-2654
S322208301220.00245.0035NBR/FABRIC     CS-2228
S532481002248.92268.9222NBR/FABRIC     SUM-767
S322508301250.00275.0035.00NBR     CS-530
S322601001260.00280.0022NBR     CS-2907
S322758301275.00300.0035.00NBR     SUM-127
S322801001280.00305.0031NBR/FABRIC     SUM-678
S324101001410.00435.0035NBR/FABRIC     CS-2752
S324501001450.00480.0045NBR     CS-2949

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