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Profile : Rod Seals

Spareage : W09
W09 Assembly
Details :
W09 is a pneumatic rod seal cum wiper with grinding element used for rods in pneumatic cylinders and is made of a polyurethane material. The Polyurethane materials are the highly wear resistant and has excellent compression set properties. The supporting / reinforcement part of this profile is made of a steel ring chemically bonded to the polyurethane compound. Reinforcement parts can be made with other materials on request.
  • Pneumatic Cylinders.
  • Pneumatic Valves.
  • Short-stroke cylinders.
Temperature Range : -30° C to + 100° C
Pressure : 16 Bar
Speed : 1.0 m/s
Static : 1.6 µmRa
Dynamic : 0.4 µmRa
Dry and oil-free air.
Polyurethane 92 Shore A.
  • Multi-functional seal combines sealing, wiper and guiding element.
  • The compact design .
  • Smooth running due to optimum lubricant-retaining sealing lip geometry.
  • Low compression cost.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Long service life.

Manufactured by: Max Spare Limited
Product ID: 365i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.IDODTHKMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
W0900811018.0015.0017.50NBR SUA-1531
W09012110212.0019.0022.50NBR SUA-1310
W09014110114.0021.0023.50NBR WPS-6979
W09016100116.0025.0025.50NBR WPS-7104
W0902080120.0029.0030.5NBR SUB-2309
W09022080122.0031.0030.5NBR SUB-1895
W09025110125.0035.0035.5NBR SUB-1785
W09025L50125.0035.0035.50PU PPA-1545
W09025111025.0035.0035.50NBR WPS-6688
W09025110325.0035.0035.50NBR WPS-6978
W09025670125.0035.0035.50FKM WPS-7824
W09030080130.0041.0041NBR SUB-1536

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