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Profile : Standard Rotary Shaft Seals

Spareage : R22
R22 Assembly
Pressure : 0.5 Bar
Temperature : -30° to +100°
Speed : 10 m/s
ACH is metal encased but with additional dust lip which is provided to avoid entry of light to medium dust and dirt .
Manufactured by: Spareage Seals Limited
Product ID: 80i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.IDODTHKMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
R2200910019.5214.273.96NBR SB-2578
R22010640110.0016.003FKM SB-2990
R22015080115.0021.003NBR SB-5514
R22016080216.0024.006.00NBR SB-6692
R22016080116.0025.003NBR SB-5762
R22017080117.0023.503.4NBR SB-3546
R22019080119.0025.505.00NBR SB-6425
R22019590119.0528.574.76PU PPA-791
R22020080120.0028.004NBR SB-5760
R22022100322.0029.005.3NBR SB-3961
R22022640122.0038.009.5FKM SB-4815
R22022080122.5037.009.5NBR SB-3437
R22025100125.0032.004NBR SB-4333
R22025080125.0040.004.00NBR SB-6719
R22026080126.0034.004.00NBR SB-6616
R22026590126.9838.106.35PU PPA-792
R22027100127.0033.704.3NBR SB-2604
R22027080127.0035.007NBR SB-4506
R22028100128.0035.005.2NBR SB-3157
R22028100128.0035.005.20NBR SB-2833
R22030100130.0037.004NBR SB-5679
R22035100135.0045.004NBR SB-4532
R22035870135.0050.004.2PU PPA-1093
R22037080237.0042.004.80NBR SB-5338
R22037080137.5961.974.57NBR SC-4599
R22038080138.5047.903.4/4NBR SB-5499
R22041080141.0054.004NBR SC-5432
R22045080145.0052.004NBR SC-4208
R22045080245.0057.0010NBR SC-4808
R22060080460.0067.004NBR SC-4207
R22060080360.0068.009NBR SC-3420
R22062080162.00114.0010/14.50NBR SE-2115
R22079080179.3795.256.35NBR SD-2108
R22089080189.00105.006NBR SE-1008
R221100801110.00128.009.7NBR SF-193
R221105501110.00140.008ACM SF-1589
R221200802120.00132.009.7NBR SF-289
R221200801120.00138.009.7NBR SF-277
R224250801425.45463.7025.4NBR SS-544

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