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Profile : Standard Rotary Shaft Seals

Spareage : R28
R28 Assembly
Pressure : 0.5 Bar
Temperature : -30° to +100°
Speed : 10 m/s
ACN is metal encased with encapsulated spring within a lip which prevents spring from falling out during installation.
Manufactured by: Spareage Seals Limited
Product ID: 81i

Part No. :
ID : -
OD : -
Thk :
Mould No. :

Part No.IDODTHKMaterialQtyActionsMould No.
R28025080125.4038.106.35NBR SB-8139
R28064080164.0080.0010.00NBR SD-4198
R28090100190.00110.0013NBR SE-942
R28090640190.00110.0015.00FKM SE-2726
R281016401101.60127.0011.91FKM SF-1547
R281050801105.00130.0012NBR SF-1047
R281076401107.21133.3515.87FKM SF-2211
R281154301115.00140.0013SILICON SF-1800
R281270801127.00155.5812.70NBR SG-1326
R281340801134.95161.9312.70NBR SG-1216
R281436401143.00180.0014.00FKM SH-1282
R281490801149.22174.6312.70NBR SG-1273
R281581001158.75184.1512.70NBR SH-1475
R281800801180.00210.0015NBR SJ-470
R282000801200.00230.0015NBR SK-342
R282200802220.00250.0015NBR SK-746
R282200801220.00260.0020NBR SM-588
R282700801270.00310.0018NBR SR-1011
R282901001290.00330.0018NBR SR-927
R283000801300.00360.0025NBR SR-1100
R28317C101317.50349.2515.87XNBR SR-774
R283200801320.00380.0016NBR SS-766
R283600801360.00400.0039.00NBR SS-2644
R284400801440.00480.0020NBR SS-831
R235700801570.00620.0022NBR SS-2582
R28610801610.00670.0023NBR SS-2058
R286350801635.00685.0020NBR SS-2581
R2899908021104.001155.0022NBR SS-2366
R2899908011136.001186.0025NBR SS-2190

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